Digital eService for Registration of Local Contact Address
This eService provides a facility for overseas Singaporeans who have changed their NRIC address to an overseas address, to register a local contact address in Singapore with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, the local contact address you registered with ICA will be used for voting purpose. It will enable the Elections Department (ELD) to enter your name into the Register of Electors of the constituency where your local contact address is located when the register is next revised, if you remain eligible to vote.
Your contact address must be -
the address of any premises in Singapore which you still own an estate or interest in and which is used or permitted by law to be used as residence; or
the address of the place of residence in Singapore of -
your spouse, grandparent, parent, sibling, child or grandchild;
any grandparent, parent or sibling of your spouse;
any sibling of your parents or your spouse's parents; or
any child of your siblings or your spouse's siblings.
If you are registering the residential address of any of your next-of-kin listed in 3(b) as your local contact address, please let the next-of-kin concerned know that he/she needs to give his/her consent to ICA for your use of his/her address as your local contact address.
To use this eService for registration of local contact address, you must already have an overseas address registered with the ICA. Please confirm by clicking on the checkbox below.

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